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I would like to know whether its a good idea to reconfigure all routers from scratch during the exam. Normally i troubleshoot to find the affected router, solve the problem on it, test with ping and telnet from the affected router, copy run start, drop it like its hot and click next hurriedly with my eyes on the clock as the time bomb ticks. If i can't solve it, i copy start run leave it like i found it and beat it. icon_mad.gif My blood pressure rises when i imagine configuring routing protocols, interfaces, password on three routers all from scratch inside ten minutes. icon_shaking.gif
Hard times on planet earth.


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    I think that senario is a little drastic for CCNA. From the test that I took, the sims may involve several routers but the configuration only needed to be done on one. When I took my test I failed to do a copy run start and ended up having to reconfig the whole simulation a second time. Even having done it twice, I had tons of time left. Know your stuff and feel comfortable confirming your solution (ie ping) and you'll do just fine. Don't forget to copy run start (or 'wr") and do a sh run to confirm your changes are in your config. Good Luck.
    Thanks for the help, -cg
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