TSHOOT Test - List of Layer 2 problems

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I don't know if this is allow, if it is good, if not, I'm ok if this post is delete.

I been study for the TSHOOT test for a while and I went to training last wee and I feel that I'm just couple of weeks away from taking the test. Now, the way I learn the best is by writing notes, so I decide to write notes bout what problem can I encounter with each type of topology base on the TSHOOT bllueprint. While I was writing, I thought what about if instead of writing a note, I write a blog that I the same time that I'm learning I'm teaching others. So I created a blog, I'm going to start talking about my TSHOOT experience. If any of you guys can take a look at it and let me know if you like it and if you understand what I'm trying to teach. Also, feel free to tell me if I made any mistake. Thanks
David G.
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My Tshoot test Blog


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