Would you bother with Exchange 2007 70-236?

I got a lot of grief on my last job hunt because I had not worked on Exchange higher than 2003 and for the last few years had "only" been working in Lotus Domino, heh. So I got a job and now I can focus on doing certs again.

At this point would you bother with 70-236 just to say fill out the resume or skip it and just do 2010 70-662?

My focus right now is finishing my Bachelors and then VCP. I have 3 months or so till I get all the stuff cleared through WGU so I thought I would get one or both out of the way.


  • blargoeblargoe Posts: 4,165Member ■■■■■■■■■□
    I would go ahead with Exchange 2010.
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  • ClaymooreClaymoore Posts: 1,637Member
    Skip 2007 and move on to 2010.
  • thomas130thomas130 Posts: 184Member
    setting it next week. I think it's worth it when then upgrading it. Just because 2010 is out does'nt mean all businesses are upgrading. I think that employers still look for people that can support older tech as well as new.

    Just my thought
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