Please suggest me about JNCIE-exam

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Hi Experts,

I need your important suggestion/help that if someone is JNCIP-M certified.

which of the option is better for himicon_confused.gif??

1) Attempt JNCIE-M lab (which is about to expire in next several months)
2) Wait for the new exam JNCIP-SP and go for the new track

Your support is requested.

Thanks to all in advance.



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    If your ready for the JNCIE-M exam now then i would do it, it will last for 2 years then you can write the highest level written exam for the new SP track to recertify and upgrade to JNCIE-SP. If you are not ready to sit the lab then i would study towards the new JNCIE-SP track otherwise you may miss the deadline to get the JNCIE-M.

    I cant comment on the material as im not at that level. Maybe aldur/zoidberg can.
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    Hi aldur/zoidberg,

    Your important comments are requested.

    Hi Nel, Thanks alot.
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