Is Rose International a scam?

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Man, I was so disappointed that I rushed home to call back for what probably turns out to be nothing but a scam. I was contacted by Rose International, a supposedly-legit staffing firm, about a Cisco job in NYC. I was contacted by Rajesh Kumar, a technical recruiter, about this job opportunity, but I had trouble connecting with him over the phone. Nevertheless, he emailed me right away after we got disconnected. In the email, he asked me to fill out two forms attached, and I hesitated to get back to him immediately the moment I noticed it was asking for my first 5 social security number. The form wasn't even convincing or close to legitimate-looking. He has not yet give me the name of the prospective employer that he plans to staff me in. I believe he got my information right off from since I made it completely searchable to anyone.

So, after a while, I figured to look up carefully on this company on google, and some sources claim that they are legitimate business, and they staff people pretty fast. I hope this explains why the recruiter was persistent in calling me back after I got disconnected. His accent wasn't american to begin with. Some people said they were fortune to have them call them, because they were eventually contacted by the company directly after Rose International. Now I don't know if I should regret not being at least open-minded since I could have gotten the job. I just replied back to the recruiter to ask him why he needed my social security number. Did anyone have the same experience as me with Rose International in the past?


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    I don't blame you. I'm always extremely iffy on giving out information to people.

    I researched the company that I currently worked for, and asked around with a few people in town, to figure out if they were legit or not (even drove by their building to confirm their physical address, confirmed their phone numbers, checked out any commonly available information on them and employee names I could find, etc.)

    I know it was probably a bit paranoid, but you know the saying in security: "The question isn't 'Am I paranoid?', the question is 'Am I paranoid enough?'"

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    I can verify Rose International is legit. I have a buddy that works for them on a contract for the state of Illinois. However I can't tell you if the guy you are dealing with is legit.
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    There is indeed a staffing agency Rose International. I am working for them at this time and would not recommend this staffing agency to anyone. First and foremost, I was unable to start a temp position that I was pre-chosen for by the requesting company because they seemed unable to perform a complete background check or to require of the company they claimed was doing the check for them to actually finish the job. After almost 6 weeks of lost pay, I finally took it upon myself to call previous companies and request the background information documents myself, which I then had to fax to the staff at Rose International. I basically did most of the background investigation on myself, since I could not locate a single Rose International employee with the desire or the inclination to do their job. Since being at the job, I have been extended twice already, and my company put in another extension last week. Yes, you guessed it, Rose International staff is again too lazy and unprofessional to process my extension in a timely manner. To top it off, their staff is rude and unprofessional when I call to see what the holdup is and what can be done to resolve the issue. I call every day, and every single day I get a completely different reason for why the extension has not been processed. Today, after more than a week, they are blaming the company that I am working for - saying that they "didn't file the extension properly." Well, only ONE guy at my company does the extensions, and he has already submitted TWO other extensions to Rose International, so why would he suddenly not know how to properly file the paperwork? If you want a reliable, polite, competent, and professional staffing agency I suggest you contact ADECCO. Because you won't find that at Rose.
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    but he did right how do I now you are real Rose int. I mean if God calls I am sure you will know it but if some company wants your personal information I am sorry but I wont give it out there is no reason they need that. I work for a credit union and they do not need that! you did right!
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    So I also more recently had a similar experience, they ask for so much info and i looked up the company and it seems legit but it is a bit shady what they ask for. not only do they has for a lot of info but they ask for it over your email. im pasting what they wanted me to send to them via email:
    Right To Represent

    I, __Candidates Full Legal Name__ give Rose International the exclusive right to represent me to_Company Name_ for job number VZWJP00060920

    Pay Rate (hr):
    Title (i.e Mr, Mrs, Dr):
    Legal First Name:
    Legal Mid Initial:
    Last Name:
    DOB (month/day- mm/dd):
    Last 5 of SSN
    Email ID:
    Primary Phone:
    Primary Skills:
    Secondary Skills:
    Current Location:
    Work Auth Type:
    Available to Join:
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    Honestly you did right. It is better to err on the side of caution. A lot of companies do phishing waves.... What I mean by that is they send out mass emails to a lot of people at once trying to get a reply. Its best to research the company, read reviews, and verify its legit BEFORE giving out information.
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    I am starting to believe this company is a Huge Scam. They set me up on a interview with a company, I went interviewed a few days later got a call and email saying they want me for the position. Went through all the paper work, drug screen etc.... Was told I would start on the 10th of October. I could never and still can't get an answer as to what time i start. Well it's the 11th and was told yesterday that I passed the drug and back ground check, but they are waiting for the company to tell them when I start. I have passed up two other positions because I am thinking is got this job. Now they have all my information and I'm not real sure what to do now.
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    I am a senior Recruiter with Rose International and have been here for over 9+ years. We are a nationwide recruiting/consulting firm with over 20 offices nationwide and it was founded in 1993 in St Louis, MO. We work with over 130 clients and some of our clients require different information when resumes are submitted to accompany the submittal. In most cases this is the last 4 (or five) # of SS, and month and day (ONLY) of birth and formatted resume. This is the document identifier that goes along with the resume to our client. It is all very legitimate.

    We have office in New Dehli, INDIA and our recruiters do have accents. If I can be a resource, please feel free to contact me.
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    leefdaddy wrote: »
    I can verify Rose International is legit. I have a buddy that works for them on a contract for the state of Illinois. However I can't tell you if the guy you are dealing with is legit.
    Good point. He himself could be a scammer using a real company. It makes you a bit leery with the way everyone else wants your last 4 SSN numbers and now this guy suddenly wants the first 5? Very odd. Maybe that's normal practice but still comes off as odd. I think you did right.

    Edit: Whoops, Necro-Thread! Got me again.
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    I realize this an old thread but as an HR leader with over 25 years of experience I wanted to share my view regarding Nettas post.  I have used many staffing agencies over the years in the various companies I have worked for.  We have NEVER asked our contract employee agencies to provide us with their candidates month and date of birth or absolutely not the last 4 or 5 digits of their Social Security number. Not once.  Knowing that most of the Rose recruiters are operating out of India this may make a little more sense as it could be common there. In the U.S. and especially here in California we would not ask any of that.  Until the person is hired and completing a formal application this information should not need to be shared. I suggest that Rose use other identifying information that they create or provide options to their candidates in the U.S.

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