VLAN Lab Exercise

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I have Network Visualizer 4.1 I also have a 1900 switch. Neither the switch or the switch simulator can run Vlan so there's no way for me to run the exercises on Todd Lammle's book. My switch is menu base
not CLI which I found out after buying it and there's no Vlan menu. So question is any ideas, advice on preparing for the Vlan portion of the exam?

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    I used Todd Lammle's CCNA Virtual Lab Platimum Version, which you can upgrade to NV v4.1. It has a whole lab on Configuring VLANs on on 1900 switches. I ended up going to a different sim because of the limitations of it. I would try a command and not get what I wanted even though I knew I was right. My point being know basics, how to create/name vlans, assign a switchport to a vlan, trunk multiple vlans and encapsulation. Thats pretty much it for this exam. You can pretty much learn this by reading. All of these can be done in a handful of commands. I also used the Cisco Press test simulator that came with the CCNA Flash Cards. It was pretty good for questions about basic commands and basic simulations. good luck.
    Thanks for the help, -cg
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    I just noticed that Visualizer 4.1 comes with 2 VLAN labs....doh! Sorry to have trouble you however I will memorize the commands and hopefully there'll be no suprises on the exam in regards to VLAN.
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    If you upgrade your 1900 series switch with an enterprise IOS then you should be able to do trunking and VLANs. On one of the menus, you have an option to exit the menu. This takes you to a CLI that is fairly similar to IOS.

    The 2900XL, and 3500XL series switches are long gone. The commands that you can run are somewhat relevent to the CCNA but the 2950 is the switch of that is stressed in the ICND and INTRO courses. The 2950 has all of the commands that are necessary to learn CCNA, and BCMSN material.
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    Do I download the Enterprise IOS from Cisco's Website or from a 3rd Party and is there a fee for this?
    If you know the link to upgrade can you direct me to it? When you say that one of the menus, will take me to a CLI you mean after I upgrade corect?

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