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I would like to ask you when you are going to have practical exam samples, as you mention a week or two ago that you are preparing some



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    If you are talking about the labs/sample configs, I don't know. It'll probably be somehere in the fall this year. I'm currently working on the remaining TechNotes for several exams and TechNotes and practice exams for new/other exams, I don't think I'm going to have time in my schedule anytime soon... nevertheless maybe I can find someone else to do it for us... I'll keep you posted...

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    Ignore my previous post ;) I'm working on the first paper LAB which should be online in a couple of days. You need 2 routers to perform the tasks in an actual lab, but reading it will be good study as well. It's rather basic, but will hopefully give me an idea of how much these type of Labs would be appreciated and if it's useful to create more of them.
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