Can you pass if you know very little regarding ISDN?

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I know very little about ISDN, and usually just do really bad on the ISDN section of my transcenders. Is there a significant amount of ISDN material on the test? (enough to make you fail if you suck at it?)


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    ISDN is the last bastion of hope for legacy telecoms. It is still pretty important and plays key roles in digital access to the POTS network and also serves as backup paths for many businesses. Also, it can be cheaper than business DSL for outlets and other stores that do not do real time updates for stock and sales.

    With that being said, you can study only key terms for ISDN and still pass the CCNA but you will be selling yourself short for companies that rely on ISDN.
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    Good point, thanks for the feedback tunerx.

    Is there anyway I can simulate an ISDN connection in my lab so I can really practice it? How much do ISDN connections cost? I suppose I could get one setup at the house for a month or so just for practice purposes?

    Thanks again
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    Btw: Do you mind if I ask your age? You have a lot of impressive certifications and I'm just wondering how long it takes someone to achieve all of that
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    I got them all within the last 5 years. I got a couple certs when I was in the Army and that helped me get my current job. I am 29, soon to be 30. If you look on German Ebay ( you can find a thing called an Eumex. It is a terminal adapter than can take 1 or multiple ISDN BRI connections in and spread them out to different ISDN or analog ports. They are far cheaper than ISDN simulators but they are limited. You only get ISDN switch-type Net5. For CCNA and CCNP level studying they are a perfect complement to any lab.
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