What am i doing wrong?

tdeantdean Member Posts: 520
Well, I guess this is the pitfall of "theory" tests. My first hands on experience with a 2106 WLC and 1142 AP's and i cant connect to the wireless lan.

heres what i did:
went through set up, gave ip to WLC, added our default gateway for "default router", no tagging since we dont currently use vlans etc etc... logged into the http config, plugged in the AP, gave it poe and the WLC sees it. I "enabled" both radios, so now the operational status is "up". I gave the AP a static ip and can ping it from my workstation. i changed security to open. i even added the ssid to my laptop manually... still nothing. i even went back and added a dhcp scope to that AP... nothing.



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    tdeantdean Member Posts: 520
    ok, update. i created a new interface with an ip scheme outside our own and my laptop saw the ssid. then i went back and associated the management interface to the old wlan, expanded the dhcp scope and it works. not the way it should be done, but i just needed to get this up for a training session tomorrow.
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