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If anyone can give me any links to helpful tutorials on route summarization I would really appreciate it. I completely understand subnetting and VLSM but am really struggling w/ route summarization. I have checked cisco's site, google'd route summarization help, tutorial, notes, etc and not come up w/ much, except sites trying to sell me ccna books. The book I have explains it but not to where I am understanding it. I kind of see where it comes from but any time I try to work out any of the labs/questions about it in my book I am way off. I wish I could explain what aspect of it I don't understand but right now its pretty much all of it.

If anyone has any links or any way of breaking it down to where it is easily understandable I would really appreciate it.


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    its not tested on the ccna.. its covered in detail in the routing portion of the ccnp
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    Yup just checked the cisco site and you are right. I had checked it before and did not see anything there. However the book I have says it is on it, along w/ vlsm. Course the book is a 2nd edition released in 2003 so that probably explains it. Oh well in the future I may try to attain it and the little knowledge I gained from VLSM and summarization should only help for the subnetting questions on the ccna.

    thanks Keenon!
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