Nailed the 272!!

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Been dragging on getting it done. I've read the MS Press book zzzz.... I'm an MCSE already but didn't really know hoot about any office stuff. Well the book is great and it does have a lot of how to's, but CBT Nuggets really did it for me. Can't stand Todd Logans voice, but I managed and I watched the sections I knew I was week on. Really helped out a lot, highly recommend it. Also believe it or not the MeasureUp exam on the cd with the book really helped too. I also flipped through the Sybex book and it had some things neither the other 2 had.

So onto the exam. I was a bit worried since reading through this section a lot of people say its harder. That kind of delayed me a little bit cause I know I didn't know Office that well. It's in all honesty boring to me. Aside from that I thought this exam was easier than the 271! It emphasized heavy on IE and Outlook and OE. Definitely want to know whats on those tabs, and how to do things. A good chunk of the test was on those 3 items. Not to many on customizing and all that entails. Not as in depth as I would have expected put it that way. For me and my set of questions, if you have any kind of experience, you can look and use process of elimination. I say go for it and git'r done before she expires next month.

Now to retackle that 299 that got me last fall.


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