Please recommend a book for Exchange server absolute beginner?

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Please recommend a book for a person with zero knowledge of exchange server...........Looking for a book to help in administering and monitoring exchange server...Have knowledge with windows 2003 administration...



  • undomielundomiel Member Posts: 2,818 Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 (9780470521717): Jim McBee, David Elfassy: Books

    That will get you going. The learning curve is a little steep but not too bad.
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    I once read Jim McBee´s Exchange 2003 book and found it very helpful. For Exchange version 2013 there is no book available by this author. Would anyone have a recommendation for a high quality book on Exchange 2013 similar to Mc Bee´s books? There are so many bad book out hands on, just a very generic description - even with outdated or incorrect information.
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    I used Microsoft Exchange 2013 cookbook as part of my studying for MCSE in exchange 2013
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    The best books covering Exchange are not geared towards beginners, the Inside Out series by Tony Redmond. And even those, there are tons of references in the 2013 set to the 2010 book. So, really, you would need all three.

    From a 10,000 ft view, Exchange 2010 and 2013 are very similar, even given that Exchange 2013 was a rewrite of Exchange. I would say using 2010 materials is not going to hurt you.
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    Register, this will allow you access to their modules. Paul goes step by step on how to setup Exchange 2013 and even create some mail flow for your lab environment.

    I knew nothing about Exchange 6 months ago and was always instilled fear by co-workers and told it was a "beast". I've learned a lot at and will be taking my first exam for the MSCE at the end of this month.
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