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I'm following along the MS Press 70-290 book and the exercise I'm currently on (Files and Folders) demonstrating Inheritance has the Admin (me) adding and removing what amounts to Special (w/ no Inheritance) permissions to a shared folder. In their screenshots in the book, their resultant permissions have 2 entries in the ACL, while mine only ever have 1...and I've tried (I think) to mimic their proceedure...so my question is, when I edit the ACL, it seems I'm only ever editing the 1 entry (Project 101 group) for a result of "Special" in the ACL (shown via the Advanced button) but when they (Microsoft) edits the folders ACL (group Project 101) their entry shows 2 entries in the ACL (Read & Execute) and a second entry of (Special). How are (they) getting 2 entries in the ACL and I can only seem to get the result of one? Seems like such a simple thing and yet I'm confuuuzed....thanks for any suggestions/ideas.


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    This is just a guess but it could be a difference between service packs.
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    Would it be possible to get a screenshot of your pc and either the image scanned from the book or a screenshot from the pdf. I'm afraid I'm not following
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    Just read that chapter and I also got only 1 entry - "special". But I managed to make two of them - if you remove inheritance and then close "advanced" dialog box and setup ACL using "simple" dialog box by adding Project 101 group it automatically will be assigned with read&execute permissions. Then if you go to the "advanced" dialog box and press "add" instead "edit" and configure advanced ACL (like in book 6-11), you will have the same picture like in book (6-10).
    I think this is just simple mistake with screenshot, when "simple" read permissions haven't been cleared and second permission set was added.
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