IINS passed today

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For those who follow my MPLS - BGP journey, you noticed that i took a break after 70ish hours because i felt overwhelmed a bit about ATMs and Traffic engineering.
Decided to give some hours on the security path and i must say it was much easier than the first time I watched it when i was in CCNA stuff.

Might include the *NP Security in my future cert to get because, i passed! icon_lol.gif

  • Describe security threats - 100%
  • Secure Cisco routers - 91%
  • Implement AAA using ACS - 67%
  • Mitigate threads with ACLs - 100%
  • Implement network mnagement & reporting - 100%
  • Mitigate L2 attacks - 100%
  • Implement Firewall with SDM - 88%
  • Implement IPS with SDM - 75%
  • Implement VPNs with SDM - 93%
Material used (~40 hours )
  • Security Academy 1.0
  • SWITCH (About security stuff...)
  • QoS ( C3PL )
  • SDM 2.5
  • Packet tracer labs
  • Nuggets
Now, it's time to refocus on 691 for my last 2 weeks of being a student !!


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    Nice, congrats!
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    Looks like you breezed right through it. Congrats!
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    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrats, is it back to the head mangling world of MPLS now?
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    thanks guys!
    Chris_ wrote: »
    Congrats, is it back to the head mangling world of MPLS now?
    Yeah, not extremely motivated but i didn't spent 75 hours already, for nothing!

    Back on topic, i can understand why people recommend doing Security before moving to CCNP or CCIP. The reasons i did so well and fast in this exam is mostly because of what i've learned from QoS and SWITCH studies.

    So doing Security will definitely help you guys later when you'll sit these professional exams! And by professionnal, i'm not referring to the way 642-813 is delivered icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    I'm going to go the NP-Sec route myself.
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    What was your score?
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    Congrats.....good going!icon_wink.gif
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    phoeneous wrote: »
    What was your score?

    I got 933, not sure i can post the passing score but i can say it's the first time i see this number
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