MS Press Ex2010 confusion.

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hey everyone

I have abit of a confusion here im currently reading the MS Press book on exchange 2010 im on chapter 2 at the moment and after finishing reading it I was just flicking through the book to see what it teaches etc something that I reliased and I know this might sound stupid and the only reason Im asking this is because I Have no idea why doesnt it teach how to send mail like I know you use outlook but how do you set it up etc it had no explanation in the book about how to set up outlook for your virtual lab environment or maybe i skimmed through it and I didnt reliase is anyone reading the MSpress book for exchange and if so have you seen it in the book?

Im completly new to exchange so I have no Idea/or experience in it.



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    The beauty about Exchange is that if you are on computer joined to the same domain as Exchange server then all you do - open Outlook, press next couple of times and e-mail client ready to send and receive (if you have configured server correctly and your domain user have e-mail account on it). No need to setup smtp, or pop3 servers, logins, passwords, etc.
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    You'll want to read through this: Understanding the Autodiscover Service: Exchange 2010 SP1 Help

    Though I would imagine that your book would have info on autodiscover that you'll want to check out as well.
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    thanks povilas for your reply.

    @undomiel thanks for your reply and the link Im just about to read it appreciate it.

    by the way if you did study for exchange 2010 and if you did use the MS press book for exchange 2010 how did you find the book was it good?

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    I can't help you there, as far as studying all I've done is glance through a few sections of Master Exchange 2007. Everything I know has been on the job.
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    no problem appreciate it.

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    nope, the ms press book doesnt run/show you the basic stuff. it doesnt start you from the basics, like having you set up a lab and pass simple mail at all. I'm sure you've noticed its a step by step procedure book, doesnt say much of anything else. However,, once you got clients up, log in, open Outlook and let it fly.
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    MS press books are really rubbish, the worst one I have seen so far was a SQL book, but the Exchange one isn't much better.

    Good books to start, imho are Exchange 2010 - A Practical Approach (978190643432icon_cool.gif: Jaap Wesselius: Books Exchange Server 2010 Administration: Real World Skills for MCITP Certification and Beyond (Exams 70-662 and 70-663) (9780470624432): Joel Stidley, Erik Gustafson: Books

    I also have the 'inside out' and 'mastering of' one, just never read them. The former seems massive.
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