Career Patch after CCNP CCIE or specialize in CCNP Wireless or Security or CCDA?

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Hi Guys,

I am looking for advice and recommendations on career path. I am currently working on finishing my CCNP. I have my CCNA, CCNA security and CCNA wireless. I’ve been debating about which path to take since there are so many available now. It seems many people now have CCNP and CCIE and was debating on specializing in wireless or Security to set my self apart. My fear is the jobs available for wireless are scarce and security may take me some time to complete. I am currently working in Tier 3 type support position for large company supporting LAN Switching technologies. I have been learning a lot with Nexus but there are no direct certifications with this technology. Any help or guidance is appreciated and feel free to start a discussion.


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    Which area interests you more Security or Wireless? I would go with what interests you the most.

    In my opinion CCDA would a good thing to hit with CCNP fresh in your mind. Design is geared toward all the topics (Wireless/Security/Switching/Routing) So it should not be too difficult for you.
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    I'd say wireless over Security because I have more interest in it . Security is kool too just not to familiar with it and don't have as much access. Just find it difficult to choose one path when there are so many, and predicting future job market is difficult.

    I was thinking CCDA after the NP
    Cisco Data Center Networking Infrastructure Support Specialist
    since I am working with N7K alot at work. Just N7k is a whole new world in itself.
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