Creating an AddressList/Using EMS to create and populate an address List

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hey guys there is something that isnt right here Im doing this lab exercise on chapter 2 on exchange 2010 this is the lab setup Im going to lay it out for better understanding as well:

"In This practice session you configure the Company and Department Properties for the user Don Hall and then use these properties to specify that don is included in an address list you create."

1.Log on to the domain controller VAN-DC1 using the Kim Akers account.

2.Then go to AD UC then go to the marketing OU in the Marketing OU go to the organization tab for the don hall account and then in the description for:


Place in those details.

Last Step Using the EMS to create and populate an Address List:

1.Log on to the mailbox Server VAN-EX1 using Kim akers account

2.go to exchange managements shell and click run as administrator create the address list AdatumMarking enter the following command:

New-AddressList -Name AdatumMarketing -ConditionalCompany Adatum ConditionalDepartment Marketing -IncludedRecipients MailboxUsers.

I have done everything neccessary and in order but when i get to the command in managment shell it gives me an error saying:

A Positional Parameter cannot be found that accepts argument 'ConditiontalDepartment'.
+ CategoryInfo :invalidArgument: (:) [New-AddressList],ParameterBindingException

I understand that there is a path or name issue wrong but im going by the book and I have no experience with exchange so i dont understand why isnt the basic command excuting successfully If i followed the steps step by step.



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    Your cmdlet switch is missing a '-' in front of "ConditionalDepartment". It's a typo in the book - not your fault. Powershell (EMS) follows some simple rules, so always check syntax when you get errors.

    NewAddressList -Name AdatumMarketing -ConditionalCompany Adatum -ConditionalDepartment Marketing -IncludedRecipients MailboxUsers
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    hey fugazi

    thanks for your help yeah it worked.

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