First time at bat and Passed SYS-201

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At this very moment you need help with passing SYS-201. I believe the information I'm about to relay will help you conquer the beast.

The test itself is not that difficult especially if you put your mind in a real world scenario mode. Meaning remove phrases or wording that mentions a technician or a sys admin and input your name into the question.

Secondly, I believe arriving at the test site at least an hour in advance allows for you to calm down and relax after driving. I know where I live people are idiots and it's nothing to get worked up and frazzled even before taking this important test.

Last but not least, make sure you use the process of elimination and exercise common sense. Ask yourself, Can I see myself doing something like that in the real world? Make sure you eliminate at least two answers before re-reading or marking a question for review to prevent you from running out of time.

That's what I believe helped me and I hope that when you pass SYS-201 you will let me know that my feedback helped you!

Best of Luckicon_cheers.gif


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