3550 Power supply blown

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So, whilst in the middle of my SWITCH studies my 3550 has decided to retire it's power supply - in other words,it went bang,bang -smoke, smoke.

So I began my quest to source a new/refurbished one - you have got to be kidding me with the price of these things!! £180 for a PSU, the switch was only £100 on ebay.

So what I'm thinking of is buying a RPS 300 unit which seem to go for around £40 - £60 on ebay - will get my 3550 going and be useful for the future if I have any other such failures. Still seems like an expensive way round it to me! annoyingly I used to support a contract that had hundreds of 3550s and I'm sure I had a couple of PSUs, along with fans etc, in the car as floating spares - wish I hadn't been so honest when I left that jobicon_wink.gif

Before I enter into this, just wondering if anyone knows of any where to get a PSU at a decent price or any BESPOKE solutions for powering these things - maybe PSU from another cheaper model that might do it - don't care if the switch looks like frankenstein, it's only a home lab.
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    Have you tried eBay?

    ++Cisco++34-0966-01 Power Supply For WS-C3550-24-EMI | eBay

    Please note that the RPS unit + cable will run about $100.
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    I did search eBay but didn't come across that, it's a different part number but I'm sure it will do!- thanks!
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    I was thinking about this,
    I was wondering if inside my worthless 3500xl was the same power supply as in my 3550. (?)

    I have not had a chance to check this out but maybe someone here has already and found yes is same or no is not.

    The pdf spec at cisco web does spec power consumption, It might be worth a look see.

    3500xl are dirt cheep.

    I would be very surprised if every cisco switch and router had a different power supply.
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