This site eases my post CISSP anxiety...

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Sat for it this past Saturday... it was truly an experience. A freezing hotel ballroom with no less than 9 proctors...(one of which sat on the table next to me wagging his legs and texting on his cell)... I was soooo tense that half-way through I had to actually raise my head with my hand... icon_rolleyes.gif

Reading through these posts I feel a little better...I too felt like an idiot after I finished. I still feel it'll be an act of God if I pass but I will say my 2nd time around will be a sure thing...

I'll just get on with enjoying the warmer weather and put it out of my mind for now.... this site was a great find!


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    Welcome to TE! :D

    There is certainly a lot of advice and encouragement here for people looking to take the CISSP exam and to survive the wait for their results. lease feel free to hop in to the discussions.
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    Welcome to TE! When I sat the exam, the room wasn't cold but the tables weren't all that great (I was sitting where two tables were put together). Make sure you fill us in on what all you used to study!
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    Are the tests not done on computers?
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    Jinuyr wrote: »
    Are the tests not done on computers?

    Correct they are scan-tron and booklet tests for all ISC2 exams.

    My experience was similar (Hotel, old wooden desks that weren't flat and had cracks all throughout them)
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    I passed! icon_cheers.gif I took the exam on May 14th in Reston, VA and my results were emailed to me on June 1st. Not a bad turn around time at all from what I hear.

    In the event my materials used can benefit...

    1. Booked the exam 2 months in advance...more than that and I would have burned out on the studying...then forgotten it all...that's just me.

    2. Attended company sponsered training course from Securibles, LLC.
    Was 8 hours a day for a week.

    3. Shon Harris book (of course)

    4. ISC2 Guide to the BoK 2nd Edition. It was surprisingly easy to read and cut to the chase on heavy domains like Access Control and Application Security.

    My one rule was to never limit myself to any one book or practice test...I extracted knowledge from several different places...also, do not under estimate the test tips from the CISSP for Dummies...I looked them over after and found myself wishing I had read them before.

    Now it's time to stand in the endorsement line....have a co-worker doing it and have plenty to do to keep me busy till it gets of luck to the rest of you...if I can do it then I know you can :):)
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    Congrats! I'm thinking that I'll probably do CISSP for Dummies as the last thing before I take the test.
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