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Hey everyone,

I am taking the test Wednesday morning. I have just discovered a problem determining a correct example of a IPX address. In the free Tech notes I downloaded here it lists a address as 00000046.0060.E92A.C2A4. In my Network+ Study Guide 3rd edition by David Groth it lists an example as 00004567.006A7C11FB56. I have never really worked much with Novell. Can someone tell me which one is correct?


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    The notation I explained in the TechNotes, and the included examples use the correct format: novellnetworkaddress.macaddress

    The notation of the mac address can differ though. The address David Groth listed is also a valid IPX address: 00004567.006A7C11FB56 same as 00004567.006A.7C11.FB56, though the dotted format is more common/official (ie. used in Cisco documentation and commandline output.) Some products add the dots automatically, some accept both formats.
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    Thank you for clearing that up for me.
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    whew - thanks for clearing it up for me too Webmaster icon_rolleyes.gif
    All of out Novell networks run TCP/IP with IPX/SPX running along side, but TCP is the main deal.
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