KIWI Cattools rock

itdaddyitdaddy Senior MemberMember Posts: 2,089 ■■■■□□□□□□
just my report back about kiwi cat tools backup.

wow. simple and great. It even backs up mutiple contexts in ASA.
It is alittle tricky but simple enough to do. But you can have it auto backup all your configs. I have it do it nightly. finally some piece of mind
when we change stuff on our systems they are auto backed up daily
oh yeah! piece of mind..

I did setup a weekly check of all backup systems. even though
we have automtical backups and emails. I still have one of my workers
check over all backups systems for anything unusual and errors and such.
I figure it is a good investment and takes only like 15 minutes to checks stuff over.


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    Yeah, it's great! I think I was the one who recommended it to you?

    Probably others did too, though icon_redface.gif
    Itchy... Tasty!
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  • itdaddyitdaddy Senior Member Member Posts: 2,089 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I think you did recommend it to me ahha..Yeah as soon as I see those backups every nite. I can sleep. we never had this. and wow how really simple it was; time consuming but simple. and I have always wanted this
    for when I or some engineer changes something. we have the backups.
    next is getting all the the flash and then I can really sleep at night hahaha;)
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