Blue print of a real network!

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Hi everybody!
I have 3 certifications - CCENT - CCNA - CCNP/Switch
Almost ready to take the Route to.
My problem is that i have almost no experience at all working with larger
networks. Through my studies i noticed that what the books learn is actually only the rules on how everything should be configured.
I searched for quite a wile now to find out how things really look out there. How real/existing networks are configured. Unfortunately i cannot find any good blue prints / guide lines on how to configure a complete network.
It is killing me that i cannot see the hole picture - From ISP/BGP to company Core - Dynamic protocol - Switching - Security etc.
I tried on my own to configure everything. I use Gns3 - 3750's - 2960's but i have troubles designing it. I mean i have done some labs that are working but i always ask my self would that be the right way to do it???
Anyway, i will like to see some blueprints on how an existing network might look like. I don't care about the addresses and other things that are private to a company i only want to see the logic behind it .
If anyone have a blueprint/s i will be more then glad to see it!


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