Expanding CCNA Lab

RycoRyco Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□

I'm looking to start the CCNP shortly and while I imagine everyone is going to advise using GNS3, I really enjoyed using physical equipment for the CCNA. Having the physical equipment kept me motivated - just having it sitting next to me and knowing what it cost, it kept me on top of studying (along with the desire to obtain the cert). I currently have:

2x 2611XM
2x 2621XM
2x 3550s
2x 2950s
WIC cards and an NM-8A/S for Frame Relay

I'm looking at swapping out the 2950s and getting two 3560s. The routers I'm unsure of, would additional 26x1s be sufficient? Is it worthwhile to look into getting 1841s? 2801s?



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