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gujuspydergujuspyder Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
I'm currently working as TechSupport for home users to setup there internet connection with a VOIP router.

I know alot about networks lan/wan and was thinking of taking Network+.

Should I go for that or jump for something higher such as CCNA.

Or sercuity+.


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    Sulblk27Sulblk27 Member Posts: 148
    My question to you would be what are you interested in? That may guide you toward which test you may want to look at.
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    reloadedreloaded Member Posts: 235
    I'd say take a look at some of the material in a bookstore and see if you measure up. If it's far more advanced for you, I'd suggest CCNA...the Net+ doesn't really cover VoIP. But if Net+ seems to be what you're doing now, go ahead and take it. I'm sure with experience like yours you'd most definately pass. icon_cool.gif
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    gujuspydergujuspyder Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    i'd like to become network admin, dont really lik voip too much. before this job I was supporting home users with satellite connection to the internet (direcpc). So I really like network support but I gota get out of the call center environment.
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    Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    I would get Net+. If you feel confident, and you say you've been doing tech support for a while, you should have a basic understanding already. Net+ is an entry level, vendor neutral cert, so it can't hurt. Good for linking into Cisco track as well.
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    Ten9t6Ten9t6 Member Posts: 691
    if your planning on working in a Cisco environment then go CCNA. If you are doing networking in general then go Network+....you cannot go wrong. Then if you decide that it was too easy or you want to do more Cisco, you will be even more prepared.

    For those of you out their that have not looked at or not interested in VoIP, I would take a hard look at it. If you are planning on staying in a networking position, you are going to need it. The TDM and data world are converging more everyday....You will need to know how voice traffic is handled on a data network. (yes it is still data, but it cannot be handled as a regular data packet that can be retransmitted). VoIP can be easy if there is no firewall, no NAT, or no other traffic going across those devices...but this is not going to happen. Plus...it is fun.. icon_wink.gif

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