Exam Cert Prep - Online learning versus classroom

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I'm in pursuit of an Associates Degree as a Network Specialist. I'm taking Microsoft Windows Client and Server 2008 Directory Services using LabSim. I've taken classes online and in the classroom. I feel that I learn more when I'm in the classroom.

Has anyone out there used LabSim not only for certs but as part of their tech school training? I can complete all modules and make passing grades on each section...but in the end...I'm asking myself if I have learned the material. If I pass the cert exam, does that mean that I'm qualified to manage a network?

I would appreciate any input from techs with experience.



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    I used it in a class that was a fundamental PC tech class. I'm not sure which version it was, but it was about plugging cables into motherboards and learning that stuff. It would have been nearly impossible to have all of that equipment on hand so this was nice to get some "hands on" learning.

    Passing the cert and being qualified are two different things. That is why dumping is such a problem. A monkey could memorize a bunch of answers and pass a test. But can he then manage a network? If you go about your learning the right way, then I would say most likely yes. Going from theoretical to an actual infrastructure is quite the jump. But you will gain a ton of on the job training and you will start to see it fit in with what you laerned.
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