70-237 and 70-238 which book would you recommend?

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Hi Peeps,

I haven't posted a while, I have just passed my 70-236 exam! :) I used a combination of the MsPress Book and Trainsignal and TestOut.

I was just wondering what books you would recommend for the 70-237 and 70-238?




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    I used the Microsoft Press books for both 237 and 238. Honestly, if you did well on 236 you should not bother buying a book or studying for 237. Just go take it as soon as you can schedule it, 237 is one of the easiest MS exams I have ever taken. 238 was a great test, but will be challenging if you haven't done any large deployments. I remember several questions around sharing free/busy information and global address lists between forests. Luckily I had already done that for clients so those questions were free points.

    Why are you certifying in 2007? You should move on to Exchange 2010.
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    Hi Claymore,

    Thanks for the reply, I did score well on the 70-236. I have now ordered the MsPress book.
    I have been part of a transition from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007.

    previously migrated from Domino to Exchange.

    I have just started the 70-237 CBT Nuggets, so I may take it sooner rather than later.

    Thanks for the advice.

    P.S I am doing the Exchange 2007 MCTS, because that is what I currently support. I want to complete all three exams and then look at the exchange 2010 certification path.
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