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OK, so I got my CCNA Security certificate in the mail yesterday (woo!). Today I go to check the mail and see another of the big envelopes. I wasn't sure what it was -- maybe they accidentally sent me a 2nd copy? But when I open it it's something about having met the NSA and CNSS requirements etc etc. for achieving the ccna cert and passing the SND exam.

Does anyone know what this is? I'm poking around on the website(s) given in the letter, but I'm not really seeing anything suggesting I either have or am eligible to apply or whatever for this.

I'm looking through the websites still, but thought I'd throw a thread out here to see if anyone else has gone through this and knows what it's all about.
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    Yeah, I found that. As far as I can tell, that letter is pretty much it. Weird :)

    Now I get to figure out some nice wording to add it to my resume. It sounds nice heh.
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