Another contracting question...

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I've had a recruiter contact me regarding a 1 year contract-to-hire Information Security Engineer position in Chicago for a large bank. They want to know what my rate is, and I'm not sure what I should shoot for. Researched the usual,,,, and still can't come up with a good rate.

I'm thinking maybe $60/hr to $75/hr? The description says "CISSP or GIAC desirable, but not required". I don't have either, all I have is Security+, but I have experience with MOST of their requirements and ALL of their "Preferred but not requried" wish list.

The 1 requirement I don't have is Symantec DLP experience, however I do have experience with competing products from McAfee and Websense, and have a firm grasp of DLP concepts, just not specific hands on with that vendors implementation of it.

The other thing is this would be at least 1 hour, possibly a 2 hour commute. So I'd like a higher rate to make up for the commute, but don't want to be unreasonable and knock myself out of being considered.

Trying to decide if I should pass on this one and see what else comes along or go for it.


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