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Hey guys

I need abit of an advice im going to for the 70-662 exam Exchange Server 2010 configuring I have currently bought this book: Book Detail: Exchange Server 2010 Administration - Bookware - Australia's Computer Books Specialist

When I got the book it also covers 70-663 which is the MCITP Messaging Administrator.

My Question is that Iam studying towards the 70-662 do you think I should read the 2nd section of the book which starts on the 70-663 or should I stop when Ive finished the last chapter that covers the 70-662.

My Other question is that If I only study for the 70-662 section of the book would the 70-663 material be in the exam 70-662 exam.?



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    Whilst im no authority on Exchange, the way I am tackling my MS certs is to try and understand the required technologies in as much detail as possible, even if its out of scope for the exam im wanting to take. I figure if I can glean a little information out of another resource that helps me answer even just a few questions easier then its worth it. (ie: When studing for the 70-680, reading up on 70-686 was a must do IMO)

    If you understand the subject in question on a deeper level, then the exam should "feel" easier.

    Just my $0.02.
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    sina2011sina2011 Member Posts: 239 ■□□□□□□□□□
    hey pzero thanks for your reply.

    appreciate it.
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