NAT 2xInterfaces in ASA 8.3

flipmadflipmad Member Posts: 184
I am having a problems NATTING a second interface on 8.3 ASA

My 1st Interface:

nterface Ethernet0/0
nameif LAN1
security-level 0
ip address

interface Ethernet0/1
nameif outside
security-level 0
ip address x.x.x.x

object network ENTIRELAN

object network ENTIRELAN
nat (LAN1,outside) dynamic x.x.x.x <----Public IP within the /27 subnet

This works JUST fine. I am think that the object network is what is causing my second NAT not to work

2nd Interface:

interface Ethernet0/2
nameif LAN2
security-level 0
ip address

object network LAN2EXT
host x.x.x.x <
This is an additional Public IP in the subnet

object network Lan2
nat (LAN2,outside) source dynamic Lan2 LAN2EXT

But then I get an overlap message.

So I tried to just create a static NAT for the second Interface:

object network Lan2
nat (LAN2,outside) source static Lan2 LAN2EXT

And tried to ping out from .100 and I am not getting any translate hits

Manual NAT Policies (Section 1)
1 (LAN2) to (outside) source static Lan2 LAN2EXT
translate_hits = 0, untranslate_hits = 25

Auto NAT Policies (Section 2)
1 (LAN1) to (outside) source dynamic internal x.x.x.x
translate_hits = 108264, untranslate_hits = 5432


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