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Hello all,

I am hoping someone(s) can help me in making a decision. I am 36 and pondering a career change. I have a year (possibly two) that I can devote to learning and getting certifications.

Is there a certification that is most in demand? I was thinking of the CCNA and then moving on to the CCNP. There is a local community college here offers a CCNA in three semesters. It is four classes CISCO 1,2,3 and 4. Is there a quicker way? Online courses?

I currently have a B.A. in Political Science but that is useless unless you go to law school. I thought I might at one time but no longer wish to go that route.

I am currently self employed and like what I do but it is very seasonal and really just want something with more stability. I have an interest in networks and databases. Are the Microsoft certifications better? I just really do not know what to do and to be quite honest I am a little scared.

Any thoughts? Recommendations?


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    I was originally a pol sci major also, did not get a degree in it though. Your probably going to see similar answers to mine if you check a couple of pages back.

    I would look at the A+, I think that is the first cert most people get. Its basic stuff but unless you get lucky your probably going to start out doing help desk. I used to say get the Network+ but I would just read a book on it for decent fundamentals for networking, skip the test. I got mine because I had to for WGU.

    I think some people might agree or disagree but looking here

    MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) | Training Courses for IT Professionals

    I think the MCITP Desktop Support and Consumer Support titles would be a great foundation. I kind of wish they had these when I was starting out. Back then you would get your A+ and take a few Microsoft tests but there was either MCP or MCSE, then the MCSA came along. I think the breakdowns based on what kind of work and or level of experience you are at is pretty good.

    I think those tests will cover what the Network+ would cover and at least you would do actual hands on lab work.
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    I like A+ Security + and either a Cisco cert or MS cert.

    That should put you in a good spot for employment.
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