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OFFICIAL RedHat Training Book RHCE 300 Linux RHEL 6 | eBay

I missed the book the last time but it seems its relisted? What he means by newest release and has answers? Please let me know as I am booked for the exam shortly and want to be expertly prepared.


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    Same guy "supra93.5", same sob story text, same book, different picture since he is not including RHEL 5 this time. This is a deal that is starting to smell bad like CCIE lab books. The last set sold for $202.50 so why would the guy have a second copy of the same book if "Linux isn't for me". Did he take the course twice or just a RH associate unloading some spares. I also wonder why this copy suddenly has answers, but I am not surprised. Ebay ya got to love it.
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