CISSP Journey / Passed / Endorsement / Certified

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Timeline :
Exam Taken in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur: April 16, 2011 @ 9 AM (Saturday) +8GMT
Results Received from ISC2: May 23, 2011 @ 8:30 AM (Monday) -4 GMT
Pass or Fail: Passed !!!!!!!!!!
Endorsement Sent in: May 24, 2011 @ 10 PM (Tuesday) +8GMT
Endorsement Received BY ISC2 : May 25, 2011 @ 10 PM (Tuesday) -4 GMT
Final Result Received: Jun 17 2011 12:15:07 (Friday) -4 GMT
Paper Certificate Received : Sept 06 2011 13:15:07 (Tuedayay) -4 GMT
(Did Not Receive After 8 Week, Send Email To ISC Resend Received in 2 weeks time)

My Experience :
13 Years experience in IT
- 1 Year IT Coordinator - IT Distribution
- 7 Year Asst IT Manager - Property Development
- 2 Year System Analyst - Transportation
- 2 Year Security Analyst - Oil & Gas
- 1 Year Security Consultant - Manage Security Service Provider

My Strength in CBK Before Study icon_sad.gifPoor, Moderate, Strong)
•Access Control - Moderate
•Application Development Security - Poor
•Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning - Moderate
•Cryptography - Poor
•Information Security Governance and Risk Management - Poor
•Legal, Regulations, Investigations and Compliance - Poor
•Operations Security - Moderate
•Physical (Environmental) Security - Strong
•Security Architecture and Design - Moderate
•Telecommunications and Network Security -Strong

Preparation For CISSP (45 Days)

28 Feb 2011 Attended ISC2 CISSP CBK Official Review Seminar
I did not read page by page for book i have.
But a quick view on Shon Harris All-In-One, 5th Edition
Abstract AIO summary and use it to make my own notes
Use Google to search for any info or jpeg file that can explain concept
28 March 2011 complete study and notes for first round.
Take Sean Harris Test Engine in CD ROM score average of 75%
Revise note and weakness area.
Take Sean Harris Test from each chapter.
Score between 62% to 90%
Read Word by Word on Sean Harris Book for Chapter below 75%
A quick view Cybex CISSP 4th Edition for chapter below 75%

Last 7 Days before Exam on 16 April.
- Memorize some chart and technical info (Is ok if don't do this)
- Read my notes
- Try question in Cybex CISSP 4th Edition (Did not really finish)

My Strength in CBK after Study icon_sad.gifPoor, Moderate, Strong)
•Access Control - Strong > 80%
•Application Development Security - Moderate > 65%
•Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning - Strong 80%
•Cryptography - Strong > 80%
•Information Security Governance and Risk Management - Strong 80%
•Legal, Regulations, Investigations and Compliance - Strong 80%
•Operations Security - Strong > 80%
•Physical (Environmental) Security - Strong > 80%
•Security Architecture and Design - Moderate > 60%
•Telecommunications and Network Security -Strong > 70%

16 April 2011
Wake up early, take breakfast drive safely to the exam venue.
Some advice :
Make sure your car is alright before go to sleep.
Print additional admission doc and put in car just in case.
Bring snack or small bread or drinks.
Don't bring dictionary (Only word to word translation allow) no time for that.
Don't spend more then 2 minutes per question.
Straight apply answer on the answer sheet.
Don't over analyze the question or answer.
When complete check name, [email protected] no and email.
Go through question and try not to change any answer.

I finished in 4 hours and 45 minutes, 1 hour to look over some questions about 45 only.
I decided not to look over every question. As key reminder that first answer is normally correct.
Remember the rules is about management......when u see answer with technical or mgmt...

I had not see the question in the exam in any of the practise test.
The practise test is only good for concept and tune yourself in CISSP exam mode.


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    Congratulations on passing the CISSP exam! icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrat : )
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    Received : : Jun 17 2011 12:15:07 (Friday) -4 GMT
    Congratulations! It gives me great pleasure to be the first to address you with the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) designation!
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    Must be a great feeling!!! Congrats icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrats and great going!
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    core22 wrote: »
    Must be a great feeling!!! Congrats icon_cheers.gif

    Waiting is pain................But worth it

    Why u need to wait till 7/16 submit and 7/17 u know u will receive??icon_lol.gif
  • ITdudeITdude Member Posts: 1,181 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I was wondering that too. I think he may have meant 6/16/11 and 6/17/11 but not sure. :)
    I usually hang out on (FF02::A) and (FF02::5) when I'm in a non-proprietary mood.

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
    (Leonardo da Vinci)
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    I also concur that no practice questions will be like what you get on the actual exam. The best you can do is get the concepts down pat, and mark your answers with confidence.
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    8 weeks passed looks like physcial cert lost.
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    2 Weeks ago send email check with ISC they resend and receive today.
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