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I have a question. What exactly is the main difference between Network Administration and Systems Administration and also the same between Network Engineering and Systems Engineering? Aren't the two terms System/Network pretty much synonymous in regards to Administration and Engineering?


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    Yeah, those are just titles, and different companies mean different things, so better to go by job descriptions...
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    It largely depends on the company. For some companies, Network Administrator means you administer the devices on the network, and not the actual network itself, so you're basically a sysadmin, and may have some light network duties.

    In our company, Systems Engineers are developers. They have nothing to do with day to day operations.

    Our Network Engineers work specifically on the company's network infrastructure, and the devices that comprise it, and we don't really give a damn about the packet generators, as long as the packets get where they're going without any complaining.
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    My title at work is network engineer. My job pretty much entails everything from help desk, server issues, desktop support, firewalls and other networking gear. Considering how little network stuff I actually do I would say systems admin would probably be a bit closer to the actual scope of my duties, although in a few months or so we'll be doing a re-IP and redeployment of new WAPS at a location which I would say is more network oriented. Just depends on where you are really.
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