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hey everyone I just have abit of a problem setting up a home webserver this is my scenario:


I purchased a domain name from Managed DNS, Domain Names and more! - DynDNS.com and followed all the steps regarding setting up a Webserver from home all the steps that they provided were I did them successfully. here is the link DynDNS.com - Support -- Webservers

I configured the name servers for the dyndns into the dns server of my webserver by double clicking on forward lookup zones --> then clicking on my zone globomantics.net after that I clicked on my zone and went to properties and within properties I clicked on name servers and places in them with inside the NS dialog box. (I have provided a screenshot at the end you can see.)


For my WebServers TCP/IP properties I placed my internal IP which is:

DNS Preferred:
DNS Alternate:

Those DNS address'es are my IPs Dns Servers thats in my routers configuration.

I also did portforwarding for webserver on port 80 which I have also provided a Screenshot for.

After that the other step that I did was went to my Dynamic Dns section on my router and placed in my user name and password and enabled the service.

My problem is when I go to http://www.globomantics.net it gives me a Server Error I Have also provided a screenshot for it as well which you can see in more detail,also the other problem I have is when I go to user account section and my zones/domains it says its inactive I email techsupport and they said I have to put the NS records within my domain which I have if you look at the screenshots I have provided.

If anyone could put me in the right direction I would be grateful.



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