Network Migration Help with the same subnet in two location

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Hi, we are planning to move our Data center to another location outside our building. We are in the very early stages of planning. Our manager asked us if we can use the same ip's when we start moving servers. The most experience engineer told him that it is possible. After the meeting I asked how it was possible because I always thought you can't have the same subnet in two different locations. He started to explain me, but it was time to go home. He told me that it is possible using distribute-list. I'm the first one to say that I'm not good with distribute-list, but I started small GNS3 lab to see how it works and I don't even know how to start and like always this is my first place to ask if I'm stock.

Ok, here is the link of the lab that I'm using

Like you see R11 and R8 are in the same subnet How can I tackle this issue, if possible? and if there is a better way to do migration. Thanks in advance
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