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Hey all,

My name is Lenny and i'm new in these parts, but I'm hoping to get some advice.

After completing my useless college degree in Philosophy, I realized I wanted to get back into the IT field which I thought I was destined for in high school. Anyways, in High school I took CCNA classes (no cert) along with A+ (no cert) but learned a lot anyways.

At this point in time, I am re-enrolled in a networking AAS program at my local community college taking Hardware Support, Software Support, Windows Server Infrastructure, beginning microapplications. I want to work towards a job in IT involving networking or Linux, Maybe general IT work.

I also might have a job with Geek Squad in the near future.

As part of my re-immersion into the IT/tech field, what would you guys suggest certification/degree wise if I want to gear towards networking, Linux, or just generally IT?

Only one bad thing, though: I want to avoid programming.icon_rolleyes.gif
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    A+/Network+ are intro certs and should be fairly easy to obtain. I would start there and move on from there.
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