CME & CUE on different Routers, is it possible?

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I have a 2801 router running CUE v8.5 and also I have on my Laptop a 3725 router running CME 7.1 (dynamips).

Is it possible to run them from different Routers or they must be on the same Router?

I got this information from the Cisco website "Cisco Unity Express cannot provide voice-mail services across Cisco CME routers. Cisco Unity
Express can provide voice mail services only for phones on its host Cisco CME router." but I just want to be sure in case this note is not updated, because I saw on another website saying that CUE can integrade up to 10 CME, from different sites.

Really appreciate your attention. :D



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    I am pretty sure CM(not CME) and CU(not CUE) is on a different router.
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    tearofs wrote: »
    I am pretty sure CM(not CME) and CU(not CUE) is on a different router.

    Yes you are correct however Call manager and call manager express as well as CU and CUE are completely different Call server/ VM OS's even though their names are similar ;)

    I was of the understanding that it couldn't be done however it really depends what you goal is? Are you trying to do it just to see if you can or are you trying to provide VM services to users running on a separate CME that does not have CUE built in? If that's the case you could CFNA/CFB to the router with CUE and build in VM boxes for them. Now the MWI for the off net users is another story I'm just not sure about. Anybody?
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