Redundant internet connection

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hello everyone,

has anyone ever implemented a redundant internet connection in their company, i have got one connection from ISP-1 and other from ISP-2, i want both connections to be used at same time, "load balancing", have one router of 2600 series. if one internet connection fails, all traffic comes on the other connection, and when the failed link comes up again, load is again distributed.

what is the solution to this ?


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    I'm assuming you are running BGP between yourself and ISP 1 & 2. Equal load balancing is not really an option because BGP will only select one path when the same route is learned from different AS's. This will however provide the failover that you require and while your traffic will not be equally distributed over both links, they should both be utilized to some extent.
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    Not sure if any of this helps, but it sounds interesting

    Load-balancing with 2 ISPs - Knowledge Base
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    Few questions to ask.

    1. Does your normal traffic exceed any one of those connections?

    2. Is one of the circuits larger than the other one?

    Also you will need to work out with your providers a way to run BGP with the address space. Have you talked to them about this? One way you can use both circuits is through route maps.
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    Are you sure you want to load balance? If not just look into SLA's which can do what you're looking for.

    Load balancing can actually be worse for your network if the bandwidth is not equal between both ISPs
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