Chugging along with the Service Transition material

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Current I am taking a course through ITIL training zone. I find myself hitting a ton of ah ha moments as I go through this material. Of course ITIL is presented at a high level, but the descriptions in the CBT and study guide have been very informative.

So far I have gone through the Service Transition Principles, Change Management, and Service Asset & Configuration Management. Next is Release & Deployment Management.

I'll keep you posted as I progress. I have spent a lot of time lately on ST. It really really helps that I work for a service provider in a leadership role and a lot of this material is embedded into what I do, see, experience. Overall this course as made me more knowledgable and has helped me get out of that granular mind set and get into a more holistic view/approach.

I really want to continue on after this course with CSI and rounding out with SS and SD, but right now I feel I need to strength my business and finance skills, so those will probably have to be put on hold.


Made it through Release and Deployment now onto Testing and Validation. This is a very long process so this will talk all night.

What I found that works for me is to really study hard one night, maybe 2 hours and then take the next night off. Rinse and repeat ;) This is of course if I am not exhausted from work. There is no point for me to study when I am complete wiped out from work. Nothing makes sense. I tried last night after work and a mid morning root canal. That was a wasted effort. O well wish me luck I am going to give it a go tonight. (Just the CBT not the reading)

****Update Testing and Validation has been very challenging. I went through the training videos and now I am crawling through the study guide.
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