Sysprep and Image X issues

I get the opp to lab while working, and I'm having problems with Sysprep and ImageX. Actually, I prefer GimageX, more of a graphical guy.

Anyways, the boss threw a project that we'll eventually deploy, but will allow me to lab on, but I'm beating my head against the wall on this one.

The image cannot be generic in this instance. It needs to be the specific configuration, apps, and settings, as the netbook he provided me. So yes, I'll need to do an unattended via USB. Its for a production environment, to make a long story short.

What I'm stuck on, is I do setupmgr to create the answer file, but were do I save it on the UFD? I save it at the root, and that didn't work.

Next, when I run sysprep, I click on Factory, as I was told to go into Audit mode, that's the only way to do it apparently, so I can finalize my image. When I click on 'reseal', insert the PE disk, and start up GimageX, what am I grabbing, the wim (if so, where is it located by default?) or the entire C drive, which failed for me the first time, so I'm guessing that wasn't right, although the image was only 1.7 GB.

This is really helping me learn MOST of this, but I'm stuck.
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