veeam fast scp is awesome

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wow this has been a life saver wow!
thanks guys for recommending it


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    Care to give us a review of how you are using Veeam?
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    yes this is what happened and why I searched for veeam fast scp.

    I had built an ESXI 4.1 server, builts a datastore with the default block size 1mb. (I am learning vmware). and I had built one vm on that datastore to be the vcenter. then built another with P to V.
    then I tried to convert another server but it was busting the 250GB limit with the 1 MB block size for the datastore. So did some reading and
    on the old esxi 3.5 it was easy to map a windows share and copy vms to it. but in the new esxi 4.1 it is super hard to do that.
    so in the Infrastructure client logged in as root, you do not have browse access to the datastore to backup my vms or restore them on the fly.
    well veeam fast scp, you just log into vmware server as root using a GUI and then browse like a windows browser and copy over fast to and fro.
    freaking awesome..this way I can wipe out the datastore, create a new one with larger block size and then put back my built vms and continue building the esxi server with more vms.I am converting standalone servers to vms and working great. icon_thumright.gif
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    itdaddy wrote: »
    wow this has been a life saver wow!
    thanks guys for recommending it

    Hands down Veeam FASTSCP and Backup are both straight forward and a good tool.

    We were using backup about 4-5 years ago to do our offsite replication of our VMWare environment. It was simple, effective and got the job done.

    Now we are on EMC platforms CX-120s and replicating LUNS through replication manager appliances that translate Fibre data to IP. We have about a 1-2 second lag between sites for DR.

    But for small environments... Veeam is awesome!
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