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Could someone explain what a 4 Port FXS (VIC-4FXS/DID) and a 1 port RJ 48 MUTIFLEX TRUNK (VWIC-1MFT-T1) are and what they are used for. I get really confused with this stuff and the cisco website is not much help.



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    first off, a VIC is not a WAN card, it's a voice interface card. The VIC-4FXS/DID is particular to the ICS 7750. You put it in an MRP card and it provides 4 ports. These ports can be used for either foreign exchange stations (thats the FXS part) to which you connect phones, faxes, whatever. The DID mode is for connected direct inward dial analog trunks.

    The VWIC's are Voice and Wan cards, they can be used for either. The One you mentioned is a one port card with an integrated CSU/DSU and it's own multiplexer. That particular card, you could hook it up to a T1 and run it as a data line or a voice line, your choice. Well, technically you could use it for both, the integrated multiplexer will multiplex router data into the voice data as well. For example, you could use it just as a datacard.. and if you later decided you wanted to add in VoIP, it'd multiplex that into the data stream.
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    the FXS should be like an active interface which gives your telephone a signal. DID means that you can dial into other telephones in your LAN "directly".
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