the OSI model (their devices/protocols); TCP/IP ports etc.

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I am studying for the 2002 Network+ exam and finding out that one place that I am weak in the OSI Layer model with its layer's functions, its operating devices, and its TCP/IP protocols. How well do I need to know it for the exam?

Humor me, please and answer these stupid questions!
What do I need to know about other network OSs & their protocol suites for the 2002 Network+ exam?
What is a service, what is a protocol and what is the difference between them? What is data encapsulation, what is a frame, what is a packet, what is packet switching, and what is circuit switching?
How do you remember what the different TCP/IP port numbers are for their protocols (I think I have it correctly)?
How do you know which protocol works at which OSI Layer, even the non-TCP/IP ones too?
What advice can you give me and what websites, test prep software, books, PDF files etc. are good?
How do I find out the answer with explananations as to why the answer is correct and the incorrect choices are incorrect to my questions from the Internet? How do I know I can trust the info I find?

I am sorry that I didn't read the free version of the TechExam's notes yet. (Is there any difference between the Special Edition and the free edition?)



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    Cough up the lousy $6.95...it's worth it! You can see the differences here. I used those with Mike Myers to pass. As far as the OSI, well, if you want to get into networking, you NEED to know it. You can see a good representation of the OSI, and how it stacks up to other protocols, here. Other than that, all you can do is study. Take some practice exams, and study some more. I thought the exam was rather simple. Hope that helps..
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    I'm sorry to say, but those technologies you are asking about are not only the basis of almost the whole Network+ certification, but are the foundation of almost all networking and telecommunications technologies. I'd say to pickup Mike Myers Net+ Passport or buy the 6 buck technotes from this site. You need to understand the underlying theory behind the Network+ objectives or you're pretty much screwed. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but it's true. If you want to work in IT, you must know these things (as I have found through real world experience). Good luck in your studies. Take a look at the CompTIA objectives and not only know the principles, but understand why. icon_wink.gif
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