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Besides the GSEC having a higher level number, is the GSEC considered more relevant than the GIAF?

Only reason I am asking, is that I am looking for an additional security certificate after Security+.

Thanks for the info!


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    I'm not aware of GIAF. Do you mean GISF? If so, I'd recommend the GSEC if you're going down the SANS / GIAC route. Depending on your experience, I'd almost say that you could skip the GSEC as well since there's overlap with Security+, although the GSEC dives deeper in the same areas covered. It really depends on how much industry experience you already have though. Who knows, it might serve you very well if you're only a couple of years into your career.

    The GISF is also hardly known. I've never seen it referenced anywhere except on SANS / GIAC's sites and it's designed for people who are very, very new to information security.
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