I found 10/100/1000 6 port nic that works Win7 64

esswokesswok Member Posts: 74 ■■□□□□□□□□
I found intel cards that runs intel pro/1000 mt drivers for 64 bit windows 7, desctop pc's. ( standered Desktop PC, pci 2.2 bus ).
They are 6 port pro 1000 cards with intel 82546gb Rohs compliant chipset. Windows just installed the drivers I did not have to do anything.

I am pretty happy about this because I was not excited about switching to Linux, or even XP pro 64 for that matter.

I am still running my 6 port rs232 serial card for my console cable terminal connection. The 6 com ports have resourse conflicts with the 6 port nic, so I had to shut down some of the IRQ conflicts.

I bought a, AS 2509-rj, so I can take the rs232 card out of my PC .

Will the "RJ" connect straight off to the switch console?
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