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Hey all I know this may of been covered but I am trying to get a current opinion. What would be a good book to read to study up for Linux+? I am going through LabSim but I also want to supplement a book to go along with it. I would like to buy a book that I can use as a desk reference as well but its not necessary.



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    When I took the old Linux+ exam, I really enjoyed the Sybex book. The test(s) have changed a bit, and there's a new edition out, but I'd imagine it's still a good resource.

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    I think you may be right. I looked on Amazon and the Sybex guide is still highly rated. I need as much study material as possible. Right now I am going through LabSim and plan on reading a book when done with LS. After the book I plan on doing LS one more time. Ive not messed around with Linux too much in the past yet always wanted to get experience with it. I finally decided to bite the bullet. I love what I am learning so far, its just so much information!
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    Some would recommend Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide Fifth Edition by Wale Soyinka. I only read the first five chapters, and so far it's a good reference and very easy to read/follow. My only fuss with it is that it's not focused on one distro. I had to read carefully to make sure that I am using the right distro for the right sessions in some of the chapters when I want to follow the examples. I stopped reading it, because I realized Linux+ is not as hot as the CCNA for job search. I am still thinking about taking the Linux+, but not sure when a good time for me to take ti since I will be busy with multiple other exams when I enroll in WGU. I should get back in the book soon while the edition is still current before the new one is released.

    I also thought about buying the official Sybex book, but that was right after the exam was released, so there was no review then. That's why I bought this book instead.
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    I will have to check it out. I am actually looking for two books. One for reading up on the cert and another as a desk reference. I agree that there may not be too much demand for Linux as there is for CCNA but I am doing this more for personal reasons as I need to get some in depth Linux experience.
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    NickDog wrote: »
    I agree that there may not be too much demand for Linux as there is for CCNA but I am doing this more for personal reasons as I need to get some in depth Linux experience.

    I agreed. I was only interested in the server administration side of linux. I would put myself to shame if I don't ever learn how to set up an Apache server in the next 10 years. If I know how to use linux in and out, then I would not be as stumped as I am now on configuring GNS3 on my Ubuntu box. I can run the basic stuff just fine, but I was having trouble getting the Qemu hosts up and running smoothly.
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