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I am just about finished the A+ Essentials book i got from comptia and am planning on taking the exam soon... Unfortunately the book doesnt cover 2007. Is there anywhere i can just study the 2007 updates without having to study all the material i already learned in the comptia book that only went up to vista?


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    I assume that when you say "2007" in your post, you mean Windows 7?

    Anyways, I literally had 0 questions on the exam about Windows 7 - which I only took a month ago - so it's hard to say what might be included, if anything at all. If I remember correctly from Mike Meyer's book and experience, there's really not a whole lot of differences between Vista and 7. I believe all of the tools and directories are basically the same. Some things I remember that are different:

    The "Reliability" part of "Reliability and Performance" in Vista is now "Action Center" in Windows 7.

    Workgroup or domain in Vista is HomeGroup in Windows 7.

    And it wouldn't hurt to know the differences between the Windows 7 versions.
    Link: Windows 7 editions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Take a look at the exam objectives, CompTIA updates them regularly. Technet will also have some good information on the different and new features of Vista and 7. It would benefit you to go over the Windows 7 information, just in case.

    Windows 7 - Microsoft Windows

    Compare Windows Vista - Microsoft Windows
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