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First post here, just wanted to say thanks for all the great information on this site. Planning on writing the Net+ Exam on Monday and I've found this site to be extremely useful (especially the AppleTalk TechNote.. best information I found on the net for that particular area!). Been studying for almost a week, and I'm scoring 95-100% on all the practice exams I can find so I think I'm ready..

How hard are the 70-210 and 215 exams in comparison with Net+? I know MS's questions tend to be a bit more wordy, but I'd really like to squeeze them both in in June if possible. I've been working with Win2k for over a year now. With some cramming is it possible to get both exams done in a month or am I overreaching? Any opinions appreciated!

- WS


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    Welcome to the forums Wyldstar. Thanks for the compliment on the AppleTalk TechNote.

    I think scoring 95-100% indicates you are ready to pass the exam indeed.

    Taking the 70-210 and 70-215 in one month is very doable, there's some overlap and although they are 'a bit more wordy' than CompTIA exams, they are pretty straight forward. Having experience helps a lot, but some tasks and topics you need to know the MS way so I suggest you buy a book (e.g. MS Training Kit) for both exams, read it over take a lot of practice exams and you should do fine icon_wink.gif
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